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Naked Marketing. Bare Essentials. (Book Review)

Title: Naked Marketing. Bare Essentials.
Author: Robert Grede
Publisher: Prentice Hall Press
Details: 143 pages, includes index and glossary, geared to non-marketers in medium to large companies.

“No fluff, no stuff – the complexities of marketing boiled down for small business managers, entrepreneurs, or big business non-marketers.”

This is one of several exciting promises made on the back cover of Robert Grede’s excellent book. And Grede delivers on each one of those promises!

The contents of Naked Marketing are as captivating as the title. Insightful, informative, clear, concise, and clever, this book is an entertaining and inspiring combination of useful marketing knowledge and great writing! Read it for the marketing expertise. Then read it again so you can model your own copywriting after Grede’s crisp, creative style.

Broken into short, to-the-point and easy to follow sections, Naked Marketing covers everything from how to determine your budget and develop a marketing plan, to developing high-impact copy and design. It teaches basic strategies and presents the principles and formulas used by marketing professionals. It explains even the most complicated terminology in understandable language. And it does all this without making your head spin or putting you to sleep.

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