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Design It Yourself Newsletters – A Step by Step Guide (Book Review)

Design It Yourself Newsletters, by Chuck GreenTitle: Design It Yourself Newsletters – A Step by Step Guide.
Author: Chuck Green
Publisher: Rockport Publishers
Details: 160 pages, includes index and glossary, suitable for both designers and non-designers

Many companies and non-profit organizations produce their own newsletters. However, relatively few organizations have a clear, written plan to ensure their newsletters achieve maximum impact. Chuck Green does an excellent job of explaining exactly how to plan and produce your newsletter to make it an effective sales and promotional tool.

A clear and detailed instruction book, Design It Yourself Newsletters offers great information for anyone who is considering publishing their own newsletter. The book is organized logically and takes you through the entire process from start to finish. It contains sections on everything from mission to format, style, content, illustration, layout and production.

This book can help you:

  • Understand many possible benefits of publishing your own newsletter 
  • Determine the resources you’ll need to produce an effective newsletter 
  • Set and meet clear and realistic goals 
  • Develop your budget 
  • Plan your editorial content and production schedule 
  • Decide what parts to do yourself and when to call in professional help 
  • Layout your newsletter for maximum impact and visual appeal 
  • Measure your success

In addition to great information and some good cost-saving ideas, the book also includes a number of helpful tools such as planning charts, production checklists, and design recipes to help get you past the common stumbling blocks and speed up your layout process. This book is highly recommended.

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